ploy.: /ploi/ (noun) a screenprinting shop at the center of the universe

     2) (verb) /archaic/ to use one's art to one's own advantage.

     Origins:  2001-2020; earlier: clallam bay.  evergreen state. belltown.  609 4th St.  arsenal way.  drift inn.

ploy.  is a design studio located in an historic post office in manette, washington that promotes local business, history, art and craft.  ploy. will put a shirt on your back, give your hair a trim and buy you a drink...if you're lucky.

ploy.  is a full-service screenprinting and design shop, retail store and hair salon within walking distance of a baker, a brewery, antique store, saloon, luthier, cafe, weed store, gourmet cuisine and a waterfront park.

  handprinted.  no minimum.  wholesale.  hairstyling.  apparel.